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Premier Pipe Band HTS Snare Drums
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0800 Premier HTS Side Drum
0400 Premier HTS Side Drum
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Premier’s investment in tooling and production allows the new HTS800 and HTS400 snare drums to build upon the success of their predecessors, the HTS700 and HTS350 which have dominated the world of pipe band drumming for over a decade. Like the HTS700 and HTS350, the HTS800 and HTS400 have been designed in collaboration with the world’s leading Pipe Band Drummer, Jim Kilpatrick MBE, and introduce a number of major features:

Entirely re-engineered top/internal and bottom/external snare mechanisms combining added strength, smooth operation  and precision adjustment to achieve unparalleled versatility in tuning and consistency in setting.

New stainless steel tension bolts to virtually eliminate binding under tension.

New cast aluminium cage with polished hoops as standard.

Proven 14”x12” (HTS800) and 14”x7” (HTS400) 6mm/6 ply 100% birch with internal acoustic lacquer process for amazing response and tone.

Re-profiled bearing edges specifically designed to enhance projection and clarity and properly seat all manufacturers heads.

Specialized new packing system to ensure maximum protection in shipping.

HTS800 & HTS400
With the introduction of the long anticipated HTS800  and HTS400 Premier will once more take Pipe Band snare drum design to the next level.
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Standard Finishes:Black, White, Flame Red, Sapphire.
Polished Chrome Hoops
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Hand in hand with the engineering improvements to the HTS 800 comes the exciting option to offer the drum with Premier’s distinctive Diamond Chrome fittings.
Premier’s Diamond Chrome features an unrivalled brilliant finish combined with extreme durability and since the ‘60s has set the benchmark for chrome plating musical instruments. The HTS800 in Diamond Chrome firmly asserts itself as Premier’s flagship instrument and the pinnacle of pipe band snare drum design and performance.
0800RC-C hoop 2
0800RC-C side
0800RC-C top
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