Special Offers
The XTD multi-toms feature interior plys of walnut for a superior warmth that results in better projection of tone and pitch.
The shell combines with the deep progressive cut to produce a loud, full and dark overall sound that doesn't get choked at high tension.
The lightweight aluminum tube style lug minimizes hardware-to-shell contact and creates an overall appearance that compliments the XTD snare drums and bass drums.
Majestic XTD Multi Toms
with internal and bottom snare
The XTD multi-toms series offers three unique straight cut shot drum sizes to suit different configurations.
The XQC66023 quints employ the 6" x 6" to match the bigger overall timbre, whilst the XQC60234 set utilises the 6" x 8" to match the darker tone characteristics of the larger shells. Sextets with with two 6" toms are equipped with one each 6"x6" and 6"x8".
THe XQC680234 sextet uses the 6"x6" and 8"x6" for maximum pitch differentiation.
Tom shells have two interior plys of walnet for superior warmth and projection as well as walnut reinforcing rings for stability
Black Powder Coated
Blue Powder Coated
Gloss Powder Coated
Gold Powder Coated
Green Powder Coated
Grey Powder Coated
Red Powder Coated
White Powder Coated
Sparkle Lacquer
Satin Green Lacquer
Satin Natural Lacquer
Silver Sparkle Lacquer
Satin Blue Lacquer
Dark Coffee Lacquer
Wax Cherry Lacquer
Light Blue
Snowy White
Grey Steel
Special Shell Finishes
Shell Finishes
Covering is available in snow white, black, guard red, light blue and grey steel.
Special order for lacquer is available in dark coffee, stain blue, wax cherry, satin green and satin natural.Special order for sparkle finishes is available in black sparkle and silver sparkle
Hardware Finishes
Special order for hardware finish is available in chrome gloss, blue, red, green, gold,white, black and grey.
Standard finish is satin silver chrome. All other finishes an additional cost will apply of 40
Standard Shell Finishes
XQC024K      XTD Trio 10"/12"/14" with J-hooks
Covering:459  Lacquer:530    Sparkle:591      
XQC8023K    XTD Quad 8"/10"/12"/13" with J-hooks
Covering:594  Lacquer:698    Sparkle:777      
XQC0234K    XTD Quad 10"/12"/13"/14" with J-hooks
Covering:675  Lacquer:784    Sparkle:879      
XQC8023     XTD Quad 8"/10"/12"/13" w/o J-hooks
Covering:560  Lacquer:649    Sparkle:726      
XQC0234     XTD Quad 10"/12"/13"/14" w/o J-hooks
Covering:626  Lacquer:716    Sparkle:806      
XQT0606     XTD Tom 6"x6"
Covering:105  Lacquer:126    Sparkle:139      
XQT0608     XTD Tom 6"x8"
Covering:109  Lacquer:131    Sparkle:144      
XQT0806     XTD Tom 8"x6"
Covering:116  Lacquer:139    Sparkle:153      
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