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Majestic Symphonic Grand Timpani
Symphonic Grand
Players at many levels require high performance...
Majestic has designed the Symphonic Grand series to include professional features and tone while incorporating a less complex block style pedal system with both hand and foot fine tuners for easy and precise tuning. Cambered copper kettles are standard equipment and are available with precision hammered or polished finish.
The cast frame features two main wheels and a double caster under the pedal arm, making it easy to move. Double locking wheels keep the drums securely in place by controlling both roll and swivel motions. Combining high performance features with state-of-the-art manufacturing, Majestic’s Symphonic Grand series offers professional level timpani to a wider range of players.

Seamless, deep drawn from single copper sheet. Computer controlled process for consistency. Cambered bowl for optimal resonance and sustain. Full range of sizes; 32”, 29”, 26”, 23” and 20”.
Choice of hammered or polished (smooth) finish. Hammering is automated for consistency.
Cast aluminum with double locking wheels that stop roll and swivel.
European style block pedal with foot fine tuner.
Large, easy to read adjustable tuning gauge. Hand and foot fine tuners come standard for fast and accurate tuning. Full range of up to 1¼ octaves per drum.
Symphonic Grand series comes standard with Remo® Renaissance™ heads, offering unmatched performance using either natural or synthetic heads. Prestigious Super Kalfo®™ calfskin heads are also available and are tucked German style into steel hoops, offering strength and stability in tuning.
Symphonic Grand timpani may be ordered in either American or German set-up. Tuning gauges will be placed accordingly.
Copper Polished
Size Model No.
20"  GRK2000
23"  GRK2300
26"  GRK2600
29"  GRK2900
32"  GRK3200

Copper Hammered
Size Model No.
20" GR2000
23" GR2300
26" GR2600
29" GR2900
32" GR3200





Available Options

Original Super Kalfo timpani head for Grand Classic
series tucked in traditional German style on steel hoop
(includes extra head tension regulator) 
(delivered instead of Renaissance heads)                           
Cover for Symphonic Grand series (please specify size after model number)                       
Felt covered protection disk (please specify size after model number)                                
Extra stand for 6 pairs of timpani mallets  
Carrying/kettle protection ring mounted   
Deluxe flight case for Symphonic Grand (please specify size after model number)                            
Timpani stool (standing support)              
Timpani chair                                      
Timpani chair deluxe
Please add "G" to the model number for German style (largest timpani on right side of timpani player) or add "A" for American style (largest timpani on left side of timpani player).

Foot Fine Tuner
Wheels below the pedal
for easy transportation
Hand fine tuner
Mallet holder on every 26" timpani
Tuning Guage
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Black Dyke Band chooses a full set of Majestic and Ross percussion

UK–May 31, 2007—

The world's most famous brass band, Black Dyke Band from the United Kingdom, has decided to play Majestic and Ross percussion exclusively. They have purchased a four set of Symphonic Grand, a three set of Harmonic timpani, a Majestic concert bass drum and a Ross xylophone, marimba, vibraphone and chime set. The band and their conductor Dr. Nicholas Childs are more then satisfied with the quality." More information about Black Dyke Band can be found at


"It's all about the sound and they have got it. " states principal percussionist Lee Skipsey.