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Solid aluminium tone bars in satin silver finish. The wonderful non-distorting sound fits in very well with the sound of the marching xylophone and marimba.
Range: 2 octaves, g-c' (G2-C5).
Weight (inc. harness): 9.5kg  (20.9lbs).

Featuring bars made of Glass fibre, which keep their pitch regardless of outdoor weather conditions and are extremely durable. This xylophone is known for its enormous tonal projection and sound power in the field.
Range: 2 octaves, c- (C2-G5).
Weight (inc. harness): 10.5kg  (23.1lbs).
The large Glass fibre bars give this marimba its deep warm sound which makes it indistinguishable from wooden bar marimbas while the pitch is constant, regardless of outdoor weather conditions (temperature and humidity have no influence).  Bars and aluminium resonators give this marimba its enormous tonal projection and sound power in the field.
Range: 2 octaves, c-c (C1-C3).
Weight (inc. harness): 14kg  (30.8lbs).
All metal parts are made of aluminium and therefore very lightweight.
All these parts are black epoxy coated.Superb tonal quality, specially designed for outdoor use.These mallet instruments can be folded up against the body, so that they are even easier to carry when not being played.
9813 Majestic Playstand for Bells/Xylo/Marimba
Replacement note MK601 Marching Bells
Replacement note Marching Xylophone
Replacement note Marching Marimba
Replacement Suspension Cord (per instrument)
Replacement Note Fittings (complete assembly
Majestic Marching Mallets
MFD899  Majestic Fibreglass Vest Style Carrier
MD899   Majestic Standard Carrier
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Majestic MD1099B
MD1099  Majestic New Carrier
             available in black or white
Replacement Rubber Spacer
Replacement note MK9701 Marching Bells