Special Offers
Designed as a lightweight and affordable option for light duty marching applications...
The Contender series features select basswood/maple shells and includes Remo drumheads. This results in a sound that is pleasantly warm, with plenty of volume and projection.
All Contender Series hardware has a simple, time tested design for reliable performance and ease of maintenance. The die-cast zinc alloy lugs are light and strong for stable tuning and dependability of performance.
Majestic Contender Series Snare Drums
with bottom snare only
The Contender snare drum is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications and sound preferences.
Whether used for the very youngest players, casual adult ensembles or anything in between there is a Contender snare that will be a perfect fit. They utilize standard crimped wire snares and a simple traditional throw off for reliable performance and easy snare replacement.

Shell Finishes
Covering is available in white and chrome hardware
Standard Shell Finishes
CSS1210   Marching snare drum
                 12" x 10" strap style
CSS1310   Marching snare drum
                 13" x 10" strap style
CSS1406   Marching snare drum
                 14" x   6" strap style
CSS1410   Marching snare drum
                 14" x 10" strap style
CSS1412   Marching snare drum
                 14" x 12" strap style
CSC1310   Marching snare drum
                 13" x 10" carrier style
CSC1412   Marching snare drum
                 14" x 12" carrier style







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