Special Offers
Designed as a lightweight and affordable option for light duty marching applications...
The Contender series features select basswood/maple shells and includes Remo drumheads. This results in a sound that is pleasantly warm, with plenty of volume and projection. All Contender Series hardware has a simple, time tested design for reliable performance and ease of maintenance. The die-cast zinc alloy lugs are light and strong for stable tuning and dependability of performance.
Contender multi-toms are available in both trio and quad configurations in a medium shallow shell depth that strikes a balance betweenweight and tone.
Both trio and quad sets include mounting bar with universal
J-hook receivers for use with a carrier.
The cutaway shell design produces maximumforward projection of tone and the 1.5mm hoops and die cast zinc alloy lugs prvide tuning stability and strength.
Shell Finishes
Covering is available in white and chrome hardware
Standard Shell Finishes
Majestic Contender Series Multi Toms
CT023     Multi-tom trio 10/12/13"
CT8023   Multi-tom quad 8/10/12/13"
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